Architectural Salvage In an effort to Result in the World an eco-friendly, Better and Cleaner Place


Aside from the eclectic and fascinating design pleasures which come from “re-engineering” architectural salvage merchandise…the environmental benefits make “stoking your architectural passion” a great factor to complete for that

planet and our atmosphere.

Inside a sad… but true… fact, landfills would be the resting host to most of the great architectural treasures which have renedered method for new construction and also the endless urban sprawl that can take place everywhere in

the united states. The waste and lack of great areas of our history is sinful however, many destruction companies and salvage companies have walked directly into preserve the reclaimed “artworks” that builder from past generations spent whole lives understanding how to create!

Old home windows, doorways, wood trim, hardware, corbels, posts and ornamental embellishments now are regularly reclaimed through the destruction and salvage specialists that formerly might have just cluttered our landfills. So what can we all do towards saving these architectural treasures extinction? The reply is to know

these treasures value and novelty:

1. Like architectural pieces inside your wanderings and provide them new existence in your designs.

2. Speak to a local antique or architectural salvage store if you notice a destruction of the home or commercial business so they might intercede with respect to saving a few of these salvaged treasures by speaking towards the destruction companies about reclaiming a few of these great products.

3. Speak to your local historic society concerning the carnage and find out whether they can speak to a salvage source or possibly salvage a few of the products themselves or hire a company using their organization who’d want to consider them.

Why would you bother? There aren’t any new, authentically old architectural salvage products being produced. People need to become responsive to preserving the artisanship from the treasures that remain. It is similar to the function our museums play in preserving our background and historic relics to ensure that all of us can also enjoy them now and generations to come might as well. Hands made, unique architectural salvage products are a bit of our past and background and really are a integral area of the good reputation for building and architecture. From what we should look at these hands tooled pieces we develop greater appreciation from the love and fervour that entered the first builder who built these historic structures and structures.

An appreciation in history, landfills that aren’t cluttered with valuable architectural products that may be re-engineered into new uses and preserving the artisanship of past builder for the generation and future ones to appreciate and enjoy are good reasons to get thinking about architectural salvage. From preserving our

past…comes a truer and much deeper appreciation in our present!