Are Bed Bugs Really A Health Hazard?


Bed bugs have been thriving on human blood since ages. They are one of the human parasites but there is no evidence available that they are carriers of any disease.

Though the insecte de lit is not considered to be a carrier of diseases like mosquito, they still can be source of health risk which may be mild to serious.

Most important source of discomfort is itching that they produce as a result of biting. The biting may cause red-bumps on the skin which might remain for a day or two. For some people this bump can continue for a week long too. Due to such biting the person may have itching and this might cause skin problem.

If you scratch too often then it will damage your skin which can lead to infection. For some people this infection can become serious. Therefore, measures must be taken to control the urge of scratching at initial stage. You should consult a doctor when you observe redness due to scratching. He will prescribe necessary medications to reduce itching.

We may not term bed bugs as dangerous however when they bite, it can certainly disrupt your sleeping pattern. Lack of sleep can make you lethargic and may affect your performance in the job or may lead to unsafe driving which may result in road accident.

Besides suffering emotionally and physically, another problem that you could perhaps face when your house is infested with bed bugs is ‘social isolation’. People may not visit your house or neighboring kids may not play with your children fearing that they may carry those pesky bed bugs with them to their house.

How to prevent bed bug infestation?

There are a number of ways to prevent infestation of the bed bugs in your house.

  • Usually, when you stay overnight at a place which is infested with bed bugs then there are chances that they crawl into your luggage which you carry home. Therefore, you must carefully inspect your luggage and dress when you return back home.

  • Regularly inspect your bedding. They often remain unnoticed and you may not even react if they bite you occasionally. So, if you can see them physically then treat your bed and bedding thoroughly.
  • If you find they have grown in population so much that it is beyond your control then call pest control professional to get rid of them.