How to Get Your Home Entertainment Set up the Easy Way


These days, we all have access to a plethora of rich media services, from streaming to pay TV. What this has given us in terms of content is pretty amazing, but it has also provided us with something of a headache. All of this equipment needs to be installed, and when you’re about to move, taking out all of the cables and setting them all up again in the new house can be a real nightmare.

Dealing With the Cable Nightmare

If you have a Foxtel installation as well as broadband internet, gaming consoles, home theatres, and media streaming services, it’s not an easy thing to rip it all out and move it to a new place. Things can get lost, cables can get tied up, and suddenly you’re finding that you can’t quite remember which cable plugged into where. It makes moving house even more of a nightmare than it already is.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so hard. There are companies that specialise in helping homeowners with their AV equipment. They’ll come out to any home and get those cables plugged into the spot where they belong and even perform electrical rewiring where necessary. This means that you can rest assured that all of your home theatre equipment, gaming consoles, and other media equipment will be up and running for the first night you spend in your brand new home.

What Do They Do to Help?

Here are just some of the services a company like this provides to homeowners and places of business:

  • Wall mounting: There was once a time when no TV could go on the wall because they were too big and heavy. That has all changed now that we can all buy flat-screen LCD and plasma TVs. They are much easier to mount and look great on the wall at home. They save a lot of space by being on the wall and become a real feature of any room they happen to be in. If you’ve just moved into your new home and you’ve never had a wall-mounted TV before, an AV company can set you up quickly and easily.
  • Internet connection: Despite the NBN, lots of people are still struggling to get a decent connection to the internet in their own homes. The good news is that sometimes it’s just a simple matter of boosting the Wifi signal so that it gets around the house more easily. An AV company can help boost your Wifi and ensure that everyone can access the web in every single room of your new home.
  • Foxtel: One of the big challenges is moving an existing Foxtel connection and setting it up in a new home. For most people it’s a big mystery, but an AV company can help set you up with a brand new connection so that you don’t miss a moment.

Moving house is already a big pain without having to make it harder in terms of setting up all of your AV equipment. The good news is that there are companies who can help set up your media empire at your brand new home quickly and easily.