Should You Have Your Shop Front Glass Repaired?


If you run a retail store with a big glass shop front, you know how important a nice clean shop front is. Your potential customers will often judge your shop by how you look from the outside so it’s really important to ensure that your shop front looks immaculate. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for those big glass frontages to be damaged. So, if you have damaged glass around your shop, should you have it repaired as soon as you can?

Why Should You Have Your Glass Windows Repaired?

If you run a retail shop, you probably have more than one window that needs to be cleaned. The big shop front window is what most of your customers will see but it’s also important to maintain other windows, however small, in good condition.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for windows to be cracked or even smashed and many shop owners generally will leave the smaller windows. There are even times when a shop owner will leave minor crack damage to the big shop front, but is this a good idea? Here’s why you should call a company that specialises in glass repairs in Perth if you have any damaged windows:

  • Appearance: You can’t expect customers to walk through your door if your business looks untidy and unattractive. The same applies to all of the glass windows around your retail shop too. If potential customers see that you really don’t care to have these issues fixed, they are more likely to walk away and find somewhere else. The truth is that the way that your retail business looks is a big part of your reputation and you really can’t afford not to have a positive reputation in this day and age.
  • Security: The other thing to consider is how secure your property is. Many thieves will look for weaknesses so that it makes it easier for them to get inside and commit their crimes. If they see cracked or smashed windows around your property, they will receive the signal that these are weak points in your security. They’ll also form the impression that you just don’t care and that you’re likely not to have good security systems in place. Is this really the impression you want to give to would-be thieves and criminals?
  • Insulation: Did you know that up to thirty percent of the hot or cool air from an HVAC system can be lost through single-pane glass windows? The problem gets even worse when you have damaged glass as this compromises the insulation and allows even more hot or cool air to escape. The result is that you end up spending more on your electricity bills during the height of summer and winter. Isn’t doing business hard enough without having to pay extra for these small things? This is another reason why you need to have a professional glazier fix your windows.

Always Call a Professional Glazier

Whether you’re a shop owner or a homeowner, you need to make sure that your windows are well maintained and crack-free. This is why you should call a professional glazier if there’s any damage.