Three Common Applications for Cedar Wood


A lot of building experts would agree that cedar wood is an excellent material for any building project. There are a lot of reasons why contractors and proper owners prefer cedar lumber and timber over other materials. Aside from being resistant to decay, insects, and rot, this material is sustainable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing.

Cedar lumber is also a renewable and biodegradable material which means it does not contribute to the greenhouse gas issue that faces the planet today. This lumber is composed of white and red sections of wood called sapwood and heartwood. The wood’s rich aromatic smell comes from the heartwood. Cedar showcases a natural beauty and anything built from it looks stunning. Indeed, even rough cedar lumber can feature this characteristic.

Here are the common applications for cedar wood:


Decks that are made with red cedar can showcase a stunning look. However, red cedar decks offer more than just the beauty. They extend living space to the outside world, use damp or uneven terrain, integrate home and landscape, as well as offer a modern appeal to homes with a conventional style.


A lot of property owners and builders have been using cedar for fencing. Cedarwood is very durable and can hold up well to harsh weather conditions. With this characteristic, cedar fencing tends to outlast fences made from less durable wood like pine. Also, cedar has natural oils that help in deterring insect damage and rotting. It does not require chemical treatments. This makes them ideal for people who prefer to use natural products. As long as they are properly installed, cedar fences offer extra beauty to any homes for a long time.


A lot of homes have pergolas as a great outdoor addition to their home. Pergolas make use of cross beams to make an open roof which lets the sun shine on the outdoor living space. Pergolas built in the backyard can cover outdoor dining areas, hot tub areas, living spaces, and others. They can be anchored to the deck or the ground to keep the structure of the garden stable. Also, they can be attached to the side of the home to build a covered area that functions as a porch.

Cedar is capable of making beautiful living spaces that families can spend time in. There are many other uses for cedar and if you have decided to start a new cedar project, get your materials from an established lumber yard.